Homeschooled Cardigan Knit Pattern

Monday, March 9, 2020

Wow! It has been quite a journey designing and having this pattern tested. The first time I shared the Homeschooled Cardigan on any of my social platforms was on October 20, 2019 and this was a few weeks after finishing it. The one I am wearing in the pictures on this post was the second time designing this particular garment. I still have the original one in the house but wear the second one I knitted the most, mainly because it fits a lot better on me.

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This cardigan has been named the Homeschooled Cardigan. If you follow me on Instagram or have read my About Me page on my blog, you probably figured out that I am not only a fiber artist but also a homeschooling mother to three kids. When homeschool was in session, I knitted to keep my hands busy and this is what came out!

The design itself is very basic in nature and it truly is a quick knit for a cardigan. The whole body portion of the garment is knitted from the bottom up. It is knitted up to the underarms and then split into three sections- front right, back, front left. After the body panel is complete, the arms and collar are knitted and sewn on.

The testing group for this cardigan was the most amazing group of girls I have worked with since becoming a designer. They all raved about the pattern and more than half of them have made two or more of the cardigan. I was so, so grateful for all the love they gave this cardigan pattern and I hope that it will be a pattern that you decide to take a chance on and try and love.

Happy knitting!



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