The K-Pop Mask

Saturday, December 15, 2018

I had no idea how worldwide K-pop (Korean pop) and K-drama were nowadays. I really didn’t see it coming. Growing up, watching k-drama was only possible by renting them out on VHS from a local Korean store. Now, it’s on Netflix, Amazon, Viki, and so on and so on. Who would have thought? I certainly didn’t.

This past summer I went to my first k-pop concert with my aunt and mom. I really wanted to see Eric Nam, also a Korean-American, who made it in the music industry in Korea. I was expecting Korean people to show up at this concert only to find myself being the minority of the bunch. It was amazing. I felt proud to be a Korean and grateful that other ethnicities were there to support a Korean singer.

A month later I made a visit to the bank to open up a new account. As usual, I made small talk with the manager responsible of opening accounts. She asked me what my ethnicity was and when I told her I was Korean she literally jumped out of her seat repeatedly saying that she wanted to live in Korea. Then she proceeded to tell me that both of her little girls were into K-pop and K-drama and going on and on about Korean “stuff”.

If you follow these K-pop and K-drama celebrities, you must know about these black masks they wear all the time, right? To be honest, wearing a mask in Korea is not really out of the norm. When I lived in Korea for three and a half years, there were plenty of occasions where I wore them. I wore them mostly when I was sick and didn’t want to spread my germs, but also when I had to walk out and didn’t want to show my bare face. And you know what? That’s exactly why k-pop stars wear them. Oh, and of course trying not to get spotted out in public. But really, how can you not get spotted? You’re a celebrity.

Anyways, I thought that this would be a great quick project to do especially with the flu season in and the winter months upon us.

If you happen to read this in the spring to fall months, this would also make a great mask to avoid breathing in pollen during the allergy season.



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Measurements of the Mask

4.5" in height and 9" wide


-1 Skein of Lion Brands Vanna’s Choice in Black and in Linen
-4.5mm hook
-tapestry needle

Optional Bear Motif 

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