Free Crochet Pattern-- X-O Afghan

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

If you are looking for the perfect afghan to crochet, you have to make my X-O Afghan. The yarn used for this project is purely soft and makes for a cozy blanket.

One Saturday, my husband gave me a chance to break away from the kids and go shopping for yarn. I mean seriously, I think I have a yarn obsession. Anyways, I went into Michael's and browsed the yarn selection and came across some Caron Latte Cakes. I'm not, for one, into the cakes but I just had to touch this yarn. The yarn screamed lush and believe me when I say it is super cozy. My kids couldn't keep away from playing under this afghan when it was in progress.

Anyways, the one color that I liked from the bunch was called Blackberry. Unfortunately, there was only one skein of it. So I debated for a while, picking it up and putting it down, picking it up and putting it down. I couldn't decide what to do because there was only one skein. So eventually I bought it cause the feel of the yarn was just undeniable. I told myself that I would buy more online when Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were happening. Just my luck, they were all sold out on! Ugh! So I ended up getting six skeins of a different color and I'm glad that I did because it came out beautifully in this afghan. If you don't plan to make this pattern, at least get some skeins of Caron Latte Cakes. It won't disappoint.

The pattern is made up of little bean, cross and double crochet stitches. 

The little bean stitches represent your Os and the cross stitches are your Xs.

Hope you enjoy this pattern.


5 skeins of Caron Latte Cakes in color Kissy Kissy
6.5mm hook 
Tapestry Needle


FDC- foundationless double crochet 
You can visit HERE if you would like to see a picture tutorial.
Lbs- little bean stitch
Yo, insert hook in the next st, yo and pull up a loop; yo and pull through one loop on your hook, yo insert hook in same ch, yo and pull up a loop, (5 loops on your hook) yo and pull through through all loops 
dc-double crochet
yo- yarn over
- Repeat stitches from first asterisk to second asterisk 
ch- chain


Gauge is really not that important. 


Beginning chain does not count as a stitch throughout.

You can make your afghan as long or as wide as you want. 

When you start your FDC, crochet in multiples of 4.

The blanket in this pattern is roughly 60in wide x 55in long.


For the ad-free and inexpensive PDF version, please visit Etsy or Ravelry

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Row 1: FDC 180, ch 2 and turn your work

Row 2: dc in the first 2 sts,  *skip the next st and dc in the following st, go back to the previous st you skipped and dc (this makes an x)* repeat until you have 2 stitches remaining, dc in the last two, ch2 and turn you work

Row 3: dc across, ch 2 and turn your work

Row 4-6: dc in the first 2 sts,  *skip  the next st and dc in the following st, go back to the previous st you skipped and dc (this makes an x)* repeat until you have 2 stitches remaining, dc in the last two, ch2 and turn you work

Row 7: repeat row 3

Row 8-9: dc in the first 2 sts, *Lbs in the next st, ch 1 and skip a st* repeat until you have 2 sts remaining, dc in the last 2 sts, ch 2 and turn your work 

Row 10-100: Repeat rows 3-9  (If you decide to make your afghan longer or shorter, take into account that there are 3 more rows to end your afghan.)

Row 101: Repeat row 3

Row 102: Repeat row 2
Row 103: Repeat row 3

Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.

If you wish, you can crochet a border. 

Leave your thoughts and comments down below. I'd love to hear from you.

Happy crocheting!

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