Free Crochet Pattern -- Pikachu Keychain

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I remember watching Pokemon as a kid and honestly, I still cannot believe that this cartoon is still airing on TV. I have no clue what the current Pokemon show looks like today but I am aware that kids are still watching it. So in honor of Pokemon and its many years of airing I have created a Pikachu keychain pattern.

I looked high and low for a free pikachu pattern online but all the amigurumi patterns for Pikachu were quite time consuming. So I decided to create a keychain pattern for this cute little Pokemon.


Any worsted weight yarn (yellow, black, and red, Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn was used in the picture)
One pair of 9mm or 10 mm safety eyes
Stitch marker
Polyfil Stuffing
A keychain of your choice
3.5 mm or 4.0mm hook
tapestry needle


sc- single crochet
inc- single crochet increase (2 single crochets in 1 stitch)
invdec- invisible decrease (crochet two stitches together by using front loops only)
slst- slip stitch
* Repeat stitches from first asterisk to second asterisk
mc- magic circle
( )- the number of stitches at the end of the round
Make stitches tight as to not let the stuffing come through the stitches. 


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Make two
Round 1: Starting with black yarn create a magic circle and make 4 sc into the circle. (use a stitch marker to indicate the beginning stitch of each round)
Round 2: *2sc in next stitch, 1sc in next stitch*(6)
At this time, pull the end of the yarn to close the magic ring. I like to make a knot to make sure the ring doesn’t open again.
Round 3-6: Change yarn color to yellow, sc around
Stuff the ear with polyfil stuffing
Round 7:  Invdec, sc to the end of the round (5)
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

Red Cheeks

With red yarn
MR and put 6 sc into circle , slst into first sc and leave a long tail. Close the circle.


Round 1: Using a mc and make 6 sc
Round 2: 2sc into each stitch (12)
Round 3: *1sc, 2sc* repeat  (18)
Round 4: *1sc in the next 2 stitches, 2sc in the next*(24)
Round 5: sc all around to the second to last sc, 2sc in last stitch (25)
Round 6-7: sc around
Round 8: sc around until you have 2 sc left and do an invdec (24)
Round 9: *sc in next two stitches, invdec* (18)
Round 10: sc around

Using black yarn make a nose between rows 9 and 10.  Sew in both ears.  Place safety eyes between rows 8 and 9 about 4-5 stitches apart. Attach the red cheeks on either end of the face.
I like to attach my keychain at this time.
Round 11: *1 sc, invdec* (12)
Stuff the head with poly-fil.

Round 12: invdec to the end (6)
Fasten off and leave a tail to close the head and weave in the end.
Firmly stuff the head and close the opening by weaving in and out of the stitches. Weave in the remaining.
I hope you enjoy your Pikachu keychain! 

Happy crocheting!

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