Elsa Shawl Knit Pattern

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Please give a warm welcome to the Elsa Shawl. This knit shawl was inspired by Disney's Frozen Elsa. 

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The Elsa Shawl is a knit wrap that uses Yarn Bee's Marblesque. This yarn is considered a worsted weight yarn so if this yarn is not available near you, I recommend looking for a thinner worsted weight yarn.

The beautiful lace work that is worked on this shawl is called the twin leaf lace panel. The look of this lacing reminded me of the way the snow and ice whisked whenever Elsa used her powers. Hence, this shawl was so named the Elsa Shawl.

I am not a shawl wearer but lately I have been really enjoying designing them so I can guarantee that more shawl designs will be coming out this year.

In this blog post, you will find picture tutorials to guide you through the garter tab cast on and the i-cord bind off which are both used in this shawl.

Garter Tab Cast On

Cast on 3.
Row 1-6: Knit

Rotate your work 90 degrees, pick up 3 stitches with your left needle and knit. 

You should now have 6 stitches on your right needle.

Rotate your work 90 degrees again and pick up 3 stitches with your left needle. Knit. 

You should now have 9 stitches on your right hand needle. 

You have successfully completed the garter tab cast on.

I-Cord Bind Off

Cast on 2 stitches.

To cast on, knit the first stitch on your left needle as you normally would.

Instead of slipping off the knitted stitch, leave it on your left hand needle and slip the stitch that you created on your right hand needle to your left.

Repeat once more for a total of two stitches casted on.

*Knit 2. Then knit the next 2 stitches together through the back loops.

To perform this, take your right needle and slip your needle from the back through the second stitch and then in through the first. Knit as you normally would.

The pictures below are pictures of how k2togtbl looks like. These pictures were not taken during the i-cord bind off but k2tbl is performed the same way.

Repeat from * til you have 3 sts in total left, slip the 3 stitches on your right hand needle to the left hand needle, k2togtbl, k1, slip last 2 sts back to the left hand needle, k2togtbl, Fasten off.

I hope that these picture tutorials have helped you get through some of the stitches in your Elsa Shawl. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Happy knitting!



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