On the Clouds Beanie Knit Pattern

Friday, November 29, 2019

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What are some things that come across your mind when the word winter is brought up? Is it hot cocoa, s'mores, sitting in front of fire places, cozy blankets? Perhaps Christmas?

For me, the word 'winter' brings up images of cables. Who's with me here? Cables are everywhere during the cold season. I don't mind them. I think that they are so beautiful but making knit cables was not a favorite of mine when I tried it for the first time a few years back.

I don't know what happened during those short few years, but I think I may be a little addicted to them now. On the Clouds Beanie is my first cable beanie that I designed and guess what? I have another one designed that I haven't yet revealed. I plan to test the design one more time before sending them off to testers.

On the Clouds Beanie has a total of 8 cables running up the hat on a background of reverse stockinette stitch. The rim is about 3 inches thick and the height of the entire hat is roughly 9.5 inches long. Un-stretched the hat's circumference is 14 inches. The hat will fit the average size of a woman and also a child.