Free Crochet Pattern-- Mr.Duboo

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The word duboo (두부) is the Korean word for tofu. Tofu is a staple in our house and is the most preferred source of protein amongst my children and myself. All four of us are not big meat eaters but tofu is definitely something that we choose to eat a couple times a week.

Mr. Duboo was crocheted after I came across some cute Asian characters at the grocery store. One of the characters reminded me of tofu and I thought how cute it would be to make one for my kids. Let's just say he was a success and was quickly named by my daughter Sophia. 

Mr. Duboo can be crocheted in about one hour, maybe even less. He is a quick and fun little project. He can also have two different looks depending on how you choose to assemble him. The above picture shown was assembled by single crocheting along the edges. Meanwhile, the Mr. Duboo shown below was mattress stitched. The choice is yours how you would like your tofu.


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-4.0mm crochet hook 
-1 skein of Patons Alpaca Blend (or category 5 yarn)
-any worsted weight yarn in black in red
-tapestry needle
-stitch marker


8.5 sts and 9.5 rows = 2”


Roughly 2.5” all the way around


ch- chain
sc- single crochet
BLO- back loops only


When sewing on Mr.Duboo’s face, count your stitches and rows starting from the bottom-right corner.

If you choose to make your tofu boxy, you can cut out square pieces of cardboard (or plastic canvas as someone suggested) to support the sides of the cube.


Long panel

Chain 10

Row 1: In the 2nd chain from the hook, sc across (9)

Row 2-10: ch1, sc across

Row 11: ch 1, sc in BLO

Row 12-20: ch1, sc across

Row 21: repeat row 11

Row 22-30: ch1, sc across

Row 31: repeat row 11

Row 32-40: ch1, sc across

Square panels (Make 2)

Chain 10

Row 1: In the 2nd chain from the hook, sc across (9)

Row 2: Row 2-10: ch1, sc across

Leave a long tail for sewing (if you choose to mattress stitch).


Take your long panel and mattress stitch your first row and your last row together (using the inner loops) to make 4 walls of the cube. Take a square panel and thread some black yarn on your tapestry needle. Starting from the bottom right, we are going to shape our mouth. From behind your panel, stick your tapestry needle up between stitches 2 and 3 and rows 3 and 4 (counting from the bottom-right).

Use small stitches to achieve well-defined lines.

Go diagonally to the left 1 stitch and 1 row down. Then stitch up diagonally to the left 1 stitch and up 1 row. You should be between stitches 4 and 5 and rows 3 and 4. Now make stitches going diagonally to the left 1 stitch and down 1 row. From here, sew diagonally 1 stitch to the left and up 1 row. You should now have a wide ‘w’ shaped smile shaped on your square.

Take your tapestry needle from the back and now find the edge of your closed left eyelid. The starting point will be 2 rows up and 1 stitch to the left from the last point where you stitched your smile. After pulling your black yarn through, sew 1 stitch to the right. The last part of your left eyelid, will be 1 stitch to the right and 1 row up. After completing your closed eyelid, make a small eyebrow between rows 7 and 8 and stitches 6 and 7.

**Do not worry about the mess behind the square. This will all be hiding inside the Ami.

Moving on to the other eyelid, we want to insert our needle up through stitches 3 and 4 and rows 6 and 7. Move your black yarn down diagonally to the right 1 stitch and 1 row down. The last part of your eyelid will be 1 stitch over on the same row. Make your eyebrow between stitches 2 and 3 and rows 7 and 8.

Take your red yarn and start making an outline of your tongue below and continue to string the yarn from the top (the center of your lips) to the outlined tongue below the lips.

You now have the option to continue to use your tapestry needle and mattress stitch along the edges of the square panels or single crochet along the edges. Mattress stitching will give you a rounder tofu while the single crocheted option will give you a more defined edging giving it a more boxy look. The choice is yours.

When you are on your last square, leave the last side open to fill the tofu up with poly-fil. Stuff as much (or as little as you’d like) and then continue to close up that last side. Before completely closing the cube, give it a last bit of stuffing and then completely close the cube. Weave in your ends. 

Let's keep in touch! Hashtag #modestybylaura with your finished Mr.Duboo on Instagram. Can't wait to see yours!

Happy crocheting!



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