Holly Earmuffs Free Crochet Pattern

Thursday, February 4, 2021


A little boy wearing earmuffs.

Holly Earmuffs Free Crochet Pattern

Do you suffer from cold ears in the wintertime? Are you looking for a fast crochet pattern to solve this problem? Crochet this one-hour earmuffs pattern to provide warmth during those cold winter days outside. You can guarantee these ear warmers to keep those cold ears warm. 

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Little girl wearing earmuffs.

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Design Story

If you are as big of a Korean drama fan as I am, you may have recognized more crochet and knitted items making the screen. And boy do I get super excited when the lead men of these K-dramas pick up knitting needles and start to knit and purl.

The Holly Earmuffs were inspired by the granny square earmuffs that have been getting quite popular in South Korea. To provide some fun to my design and definitely extra heat, I used faux fur yarn. In the past, I used faux yarn to create a keyhole type scarf called the Polar Bow Tie Scarf. If you are someone who gets easily cold, this scarf will do the job and keep your neck nice and warm.

The Pattern

The one-hour Holly Earmuffs pattern is crocheted using Lion Brand's Go For Faux Thick and Quick as well as Vanna's Choice. Both the motif and inner earpiece (faux fur) are crocheted separately and then sewn together later. The headpiece and straps are seamlessly crocheted to complete the project. 


-6.0 and 10.0mm crochet hooks
-tapestry needle



-Lion Brand Go For Faux Thick and Quick and Vanna’s Choice

-6.0mm and 10.0mm crochet hook

-tapestry needle



chsp-chain space

dc-double crochet

puff st-*yarn over, insert in chsp, yo and pull up a loop; repeat from * 2 more times, yo and pull through 6 sts on your hook, yo and pull through last 2 loops

sc-single crochet

slst-slip stitch


yo-yarn over


Worsted weight: 4 sts and 2.5 rows equal an inch


Go For Faux Thick and Quick: 13-15 yards

Vanna’s Choice: 60-70 yards


Earpiece- 4inch diameter

Headpiece and bottom straps measurements will vary upon preferred lengths.


-Headpiece and bottom straps are adjustable to your desired lengths.

-When bottom straps are tied, the headpiece will stretch a bit, so take into consideration when crocheting the length of the headpiece. 

Earpiece (Make 2)

With your 10.0mm hook and Go For Faux yarn, make a magic circle and chain 3. Make 11 triple crochets into the circle. Slip stitch into the 2nd ch of the beginning chain 3. Fasten off. Close the circle by pulling the beginning yarn and weave in the ends.


With 6.0mm hook and worsted weight yarn, slip stitch 6 times into the top of one earpiece with worsted weight yarn.

Row 1: ch1, sc across

Row 2: ch2 (counts as a st), *skip a st and dc in the next st, dc into the skipped st; repeat from * one more time, dc in the last st (6)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 to desired length to reach the opposite inner earpiece. (Take into consideration that when worn, the headpiece will stretch slightly when the earmuff is tied under the chin.) Slip stitch the strap to the opposite earmuff. Fasten off and weave in the ends. 

Bottom Straps

Take an earpiece and slip stitch 6 times with worsted weight yarn directly opposite from the headpiece.

Row 1: ch1, sc across

Row 2: ch2 (counts as a st), *skip a st and dc in the next st, dc into the skipped st; repeat from * one more time, dc in the last st (6)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 to desired length. 

Repeat this on the opposite side. Crochet straps long enough to tie a ribbon under the chin. 

Young boy wearing earmuffs.

*MOTIF (Make 2)

With your 6.0mm hook and worsted weight yarn, make a magic circle and chain 3 (counts as a double crochet and a chain 1).

Round 1: *dc, ch1; repeat for a total of 10 times, slst into the 2nd ch of the beginning ch3 (11dc, 11 chsps)

Round 2: slst into the first chsp, ch5 (counts as a dc and ch2), *dc in the next chsp, ch2; repeat from * to 

the end of the round; slst into the 3rd ch of the beginning ch5

Round 3: ch3, *puff st in the next ch2 sp, ch3, slst in the next dc**, ch3; repeat from * to the end ending repeat at **

Fasten off and cut off a 40 inch tail for sewing.

Take the motifs and sew them onto the earpieces following the outline of the motif. Don’t be afraid of the opposite side. The faux yarn can be fluffed to cover the worsted weight yarn.


I hope that you enjoyed this and easy crochet earmuffs pattern.

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Until next time, happy crocheting!



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