Holly Scarf Free Knit Pattern

Friday, February 26, 2021

Modesty by Laura designer wearing the Holly Scarf.

Holly Scarf Free Knit Pattern

The Holly Scarf is a beginner-friendly knit pattern worked with Lion Brand's Vanna Choice and Go For Faux Thick and Quick. This quick two-hour project is an easy first project and brings some heat for the wintertime. Keep your neck warm through this cold winter season and knit this scarf now!

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The Pattern

The Holly Scarf is an easy beginner-friendly knit pattern that only uses the garter and ribbing stitches. It is a fun and quick weekend project that assure you warmth through the winter months. It is the perfect accessory for the winter.

The Design Story

The Holly Scarf was designed alongside the Holly Earmuffs. I was asked to collaborate with a group of Asian designers for a Lunar New Year's crochet giveaway and added this beginner-friendly scarf with the Holly Earmuffs for the winners to have a free knit pattern to try out.

Sometimes I meet new makers that only know how to do one or the other and I am always excited to hear when a maker is determined to learn the other art. To encourage the mentality of wanting to learn a new yarn craft, I designed a knit pattern to throw in the mix of crochet patterns. 


-25 yards of Lion Brand Go For Faux Thick & Quick

-40 yards of Lion Brand Vianna’s Choice 

-9.0mm and 15.0mm knitting needles or whatever needles that will meet the gauge

-tapestry needle



BO-bind off





Ribbing-4.5 sts and 3 rows equal 1 inch

Faux yarn-1.5 sts and 2 rows equal 1 inch


85 inches in length

Width in faux yarn-4.5 inches



All dimensions of this scarf can be altered. 

To add more or less width to the scarf, simply cast on more or less (odd number of stitches). 

To adjust any of the lengths, whether the ribbing or the faux yarn, knit more for longer and less for shorter.

Modesty by Laura designer holding the Holly Scarf.

With 9.0mm needles,  hold two strands of Vanna’s Choice and cast on 7.

Row 1: k1, *p1, k1; repeat from * to end

Row 2: p1, *k1, p1; repeat from * to the end

Rows 3-100: repeat rows 1 and 2

Switch to 15mm knitting needles and Go For Faux yarn.

Rows 101-136: knit

Switch back to 10mm knitting needles and two strands of Vianna’s Choice. 

For row 137, pull tight on your yarn as to not let the gauge become loose here. 

Rows 137-237: repeat rows 1 and 2


Weave in all loose ends. 

Modesty by Laura designer wearing the Holly Scarf.

Ending Remarks

I hope that you enjoyed the Holly Scarf knit pattern. I would love to see your very own Holly Scarf.

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Happy knitting!



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