Mountain Breeze Pullover Knit Pattern

Friday, January 17, 2020

Wow! I can't believe I'm sitting down and writing this blog post on the Mountain Breeze Pullover.  I started designing this oversized knit pullover pattern almost a year ago. Yes, it took me that long. In September of last year (2019), I sat down and thought to myself that I should probably finish up this work in progress.

The Mountain Breeze Pullover made it's first appearance on my socials in October, tested in December and now finally debuting as my very first knit designed garment. What do you think?

The sweater was made using Lion Brand's Jeans yarn. It's a thinner worsted weight yarn so if you're looking for an advanced beginner knit pattern, look no further and try this pattern out. The yarn itself is very soft and it comes out beautifully knit.

The knitted pullover is easily a favorite that can be worn out or as a night in sweater. Looking for cozy? The Mountain Breeze Pullover is for you!

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-5.5mm circular knitting needles
- 5 (6, 7) Lion Brand Jeans in color Stonewash
-tapestry needle                                                                

Every 24 rows and 18 stitches equals 4 inches.

Measurements are rough estimates as reading can vary depending on how you spread your work. The pieces can stretch fairly easily so as long as your work is roughly around the measurements you’ll be okay.

Back Panel= S/M (27.3” length, 28.25” wide) L/XL (27.5” Length, 29.25” Width), 2XL/3XL (27.8” length, 30.25” in width) 

Front Panel= S/M (22.5” length, 28.25” wide), L/XL (22.8” length, 29.25” width), 2XL/3XL (23” length, 30.25” width)

Sleeves- S/M (16.3”), L/XL (16.3”), 2XL/3XL (16.6”) 

Armhole depth- S/M (7.75”), L/XL (8.75”), 2XL/3XL (9.75”)

-The sleeves are purposely designed to be longer than the normal arm length. If you would like them to be at wrist length, simply knit fewer rows. 
-Everything is customizable for lengths. You can simply knit more or less rows to achieve your desired length.
-This pattern has a positive ease of 8-9 inches. If you’d like a smaller positive ease, size down.

Remember to tag me on my socials with your very own Mountain Breeze Pullover. I look forward to seeing it!

Happy knitting!



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