Earl Grey Scarf Knit Pattern

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Introducing the first knit pattern of year 2020: The Earl Grey Scarf.

The knit Earl Grey Scarf pattern is a beautiful gender neutral scarf that uses the eyelet lattice insertion stitch. I wanted to design a scarf that would suit my grandfather so I planned on a criss-cross look and I am very pleased by it's turn out. 

Growing up in a Korean home, my brother and I were taught to bring a box of fruit or some food to offer to the people we were visiting. (When I lived in Korea to teach, parents always brought a little gift or something yummy to eat; this may have been when my donut obsession began as it was a common snack that was gifted.) This past Christmas I decided to bring him something handmade. As the years go by, we've noticed that his appetite for food has dwindled a lot. My father mentioned that food goes bad in the fridge all the time because my grandfather just cannot finish the food that is bought. So this year, I gifted him the Earl Grey Scarf.

I love how you can wear a traditional scarf in so many different ways. The pictures I took for this scarf, I wore it the two most common ways I like to wrap my scarf.  But trust me, there are still so many different ways to use your scarf.

I hope that this knitting pattern finds you well and that you'll be interested in making one for yourself.


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-5.0mm knitting needles 
-1 skein of Caron Simply Soft Tweed in Gray Heather
-tapestry needle                                                                                         

Every 18 stitches and 24 rows equal 4 inches.

7 inches x 56 inches

-The length of the scarf can be shortened or lengthened to your desired length simply by knitting more or less of rows 7-10.

-Take note that if your desired length is longer than the measurements described in this pattern, you will require another skein of yarn.

Make sure to share your finished Earl Greys on Instagram with the hashtag #modestybylaura. Can't wait to see yours!

Happy knitting!



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