Wildflower Cardi Crochet Pattern

Monday, April 5, 2021


Designer wearing Wildflower Cardi.

Wildflower Cardi Crochet Pattern

The Wildflower Cardi crochet pattern is an intermediate pattern that shows off beautiful flower motifs. This fairly quick crochet pattern is the perfect garment to throw over a spring dress or even a tank top with a pair of shorts.

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The Pattern

The Wildflower Cardi an intermediate crochet pattern that will require some concentration in the beginning but eventually will come with ease as you work through the repeats. This pattern has an eight-row repeat and shows a beautiful flower stitch throughout. Three panels are crocheted: the back, left and right front panels. Seaming with a tapestry needle will not be required because the panels are seamed by single crocheting the edges together. 

The Wildflower Cardi crochet pattern is a very detailed pattern that has gone through multiple calculations to be size-inclusive. With its large number of stitch repeats, the motif had to be broken down to match measurements.

The cardigan has a positive ease of 6-8 inches, which is roughly 3-4 inches of positive ease for the back panel. The front panels are purposely shorter in width to leave it as an open cardigan. 

The yarn used for this cardigan was Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek DK. Although this yarn has been categorized as a yarn weight of 3, it is more like a category 2. I highly recommend using a fingering weight yarn for this pattern.

Blocking is required to reveal the beautiful wildflowers.

The Design Story

Designer showing the back of the Wildflower Cardi.

The Wildflower Cardigan was an original piece that I designed that was supposed to be featured on Yarn Punk in the summer of 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the creator behind this blog, Vincent, offered that I keep the design for myself in hopes to help my business during difficult times. 

Crochet lacework was something that I never thought I would do but I wanted to design something that was elegant and yet made a statement for the spring/summertime. I am happy that I took on the challenge of designing this piece as it is a beautiful addition to any spring or summer look. 

The Wildflower Cardi design was finished last year and only now coming out for spring this year. The truth is, I was really scared to have this design tested because of the intricate grading that had to take place in order to offer the many sizes. 

I'm happy to report that testing for this pattern was one of the smoothest tests that I've hosted.  Down below, you can view the beautiful Wildflower Cardis that my wonderful testers have made. 

Designer wearing the Wildflower Cardi.


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Yarns Used and Yardages

XS/S: Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK- 1194 yds, Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek DK- 1085 yds, Orquidea Seda 1164 yds
M/L: Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek DK- 1000 yards, WeCrochet Comfy Fingering- 1147 yds, Yarnkart Silkwool Light Fingering Weight 1037 yds
XL/2XL: Hobbi King Cotton- 1200 yds
3XL/4XL: Vardhaman-Zaima 1270 yds, Mary Maxim Mellowspun-1479 yds

End Remarks

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Happy crocheting!



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