Winter Sonata Cocoon Knit Pattern

Sunday, March 14, 2021


Close up picture of the Winter Sontata Cocoon

Winter Sonata Cocoon Knit Pattern

Cozy up to this snuggly blanket-like knit cocoon. The Winter Sonata Cocoon is a beginner-friendly knitting pattern (with some intermediate techniques) that uses Lion Brand's Hometown USA super bulky weight yarn. It's a garment yet feels like a big blanket! So grab your circular knitting needles and this pattern, and cozy up in front of the TV. The Winter Sonata Cocoon is the perfect pattern to knit up while watching your favorite Netflix show.

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Designer wearing the Winter Sonata Cocoon.

The Pattern

The Winter Sonata Cocoon is a beginner-friendly knit pattern that includes a few intermediate techniques. The pattern is worked up in Lion Brand's Hometown USA and includes four different knit textures.

The cocoon is worked flat and then later worked in the round for the collar and the sleeves. You begin the cocoon starting with a provisional cast-on working the entire diamond motif of the back to the end of one sleeve. Later the provisional cast-on stitches are picked up and the remainder of the back and second sleeve are knitted.

The pattern is offered in 3 sizes: S/M, L/XL, and 2/3XL.

Design Story

Have you ever heard of the Kdrama Winter Sonata? Are you guessing what I think you're guessing? Yes, this cocoon was named with that Kdrama in mind. It was one of the very few Kdramas I remember watching in my teenage years. The sceneries that were shot for the Winter Sonata (Korean drama) made me want to hibernate. With the setting taking place in winter and with lots of snow, the Winter Sonata Cocoon reminded me of what I was missing while watching this drama, a cozy blanket-like garment.

After making your own, I can guarantee you that you will want to snuggle up in your Winter Sonata Cocoon all winter long.

Designer wearing the Winter Sonata Cocoon


Here are some of the beautiful Winter Sonata Cocoons my testers have made. To see more from these makers, simply click their pictures.

Yarns Used and Yardages

S/M: Hometown USA Color A: 313, Color B: 74, Color C: 193
L/XL: Hometown USA A: 375(380), B: 74(100), C: 239(225); DMC Knitty 10 A: 409, B: 105, C: 277
2/3XL: Hometown USA A: 486, B: 66, C: 266

End Remarks

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Happy knitting!



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