True Beauty Zip-Up Hoodie Knit Pattern

Thursday, November 4, 2021

 Hello Modesty readers!

It's been quite some time since I last wrote a post for this blog! I am back and I am here to introduce the True Beauty Zip-Up Hoodie knitting pattern. Inspired by the Korean drama, True Beauty, I have designed a hoodie that includes a zipper, hood, pockets, and accent stripes.

If you have watched the Korean drama, then you would know that this hoodie resembles the male (Suho) lead's treasured hoodie. 

This design was a challenging one for me merely because I had never designed anything with inset pockets, zippers, or working contrast colors in the round. Nevertheless, it was a fun time creating this piece.

True Beauty Zip-Up Hoodie Knit Pattern

To all the K-drama fans out there, the True Beauty Zip-Up Hoodies is a must make. Inspired by Suho's cherished zip-up from True Beauty, this hoodie has it all. The zipper, hood, pockets, and stripes on the sleeve are all there, just like Suho's. The hoodie is perfect for those chillier days. So grab a pair of jeggings and match them with this true beauty.

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The Pattern

The True Beauty Zip-Up Hoodie is an intermediate knit pattern that includes some hand sewing involved. The pattern is worked up in Lion Brand's Superwash Merino.

The hoodie includes a hood, pockets, and a zipper. The body panels are worked flat and seamed together later. The pockets are knitted right onto the back panel and then seamed onto the front panels before seaming the sides of the body. The sleeves are worked in the round and set into the armhole. The hood is knitted from the stitches of the body panels that were held on stitch holders. Once the hood is completed, and i-Cord edging is knitted before attaching the zipper.

The pattern is offered in 8 bust sizes: 32, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58

The hoodie has a positive ease of approximately 5 inches around the bust and 2 inches in the sleeves. The sleeves are designed long and will go beyond wrist length.

Design Story

Have you seen the K-drama True Beauty? If you haven't, you are missing out! It's a drama that I consider to be one of the best that came out this year.. for me, at least. It kept me laughing the entire way through. There are some sad parts to this story but overall, it was an enjoyable watch with lots of hilarious scenes.

I loved it so much that I actually took up reading the webtoon in the book format. I'm not great at reading books via electronics so I purchased what books were available (and a very hefty cost since they were shipped from Korea).

After watching this K-drama multiple times, I was inspired to design Suho's cherished zip-up hoodie. There is an extra touch to the ribbings for this hoodie but everything else remains very similar to Suho's hoodie. 


Here are some pictures submitted by a few of my testers. To see more from these makers, simply click their pictures.

End Remarks

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Happy knitting!



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