Free Crochet Pattern-- This Little Piggy Keychain

Friday, February 1, 2019

I truly give my respect to those crocheters who design Amigurumi. I feel like it takes a lot of patience to work with only single crochet and the tapestry needle. Does anyone else dread sewing and weaving in ends into small Amigurumi parts? For this reason, the only Amigurumi patterns I will design will be little keychains. Whenever you have scraps of yarn, come on over to Modesty and see if you can use any of those scraps to make a small cute keychain. I'll do my best to keep adding small keychain patterns on this blog. 
To tell you the truth, I wasn't planning on designing anymore Amigurumi patterns, at least not so soon. However, my children's Sunday School teacher ordered ten keychains.
You see, I had made a bunch of Amigurumi keychains for several craft fairs last fall. However, I wasn't making enough money to make it worth while. So with the leftover keychains that I had, I gifted them all to the children and Sunday School teachers for Christmas. So, a week and a half ago my kids' Sunday School teacher ordered ten keychains and I happily said yes. After posting a picture of some of them on Instagram, I decided to write up a few of the Amigurumi keychain patterns I had crocheted for her. So today I will be sharing with you This Little Piggy Keychain. 
I think the timing of releasing this keychain is perfect. Lunar New Year is next Tuesday and this year is the year of the pig. Plus, who doesn't like a cute pig?


-any worsted weight yarn (pink and brown, Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn was used in the picture)
-one pair of 9mm or 10 mm safety eyes
-stitch marker
-polyfil stuffing
-a keychain of your choice
-3.5 mm or 4.0mm hook
-tapestry Needle


sc- single crochet
inc- single crochet increase (2 single crochets in 1 stitch)
invdec- invisible decrease If you are unfamiliar with this stitch
slst- slip stitch
* - repeat stitches from first asterisk to second asterisk
MR- magic ring  If you are unfamiliar with the magic ring or magic circle
( )- the number of stitches at the end of the round


Make stitches tight as to not let the stuffing come through the stitches.


For an inexpensive ad-free PDF version of this pattern, visit Etsy or Ravelry.
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Ears (Make 2)

Round 1: Create a MR and crochet 5 sc into the ring, pull on the tail to close the MR
Round 2: sc around (5)
Round 3: 2sc in the first st, sc in the next 2 sts (this round will not be finished)
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.


Round 1: Create a MR and crochet 5hdc into the ring, sl st into the first hdc, pull on the tail to close the MR
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.


Create a MR

Round 1: crochet 6 sc into the ring, pull on the tail to close the MR

Round 2: *2sc in the next st* 6 times (12)

Round 3: *sc in the next st, 2sc in the next* (18)

Round 4: *sc in the next 2 sts, 2sc in the next st* (24)

Round 5: sc around

Round 6-7: Repeat row 5

Round 8: *sc in the next 2 sts, invdec*repeat 6 times (18)

Round 9: sc across

Sew in your ears. This is the time to attach your keychain.

Round 10: *sc in the next st, invdec* repeat 6 times (12)

Sew on your pig’s nose. Get some brown yarn and make nostrils on your piggy’s little snout. Place your safety eyes between rows 7 and 8 about 3 sts apart. Stuff your pig with poly-fil.

Row 11: invdec to the end (6)

Fasten off and fill up on poly-fil and close up the bottom. I find that using the end of a pencil with an eraser does a good job getting the poly-fil inside the head. Weave in your loose end.

Hope you enjoyed this pattern. As always, leave your thoughts and comments down below. I would love to hear from you! 

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